Sunday, May 16, 2010


I wanted a cute pic of Maegan in this way cute outfit I got her at Crudefest,but she only had silly faces for me.
Joel's family.

The way cute pot Makayla and Mrs. Becky made for me for Mother's Day. The caterpillar is made with her thumb prints!

Joel always manages to cute my head off in pics. hmmmm....makes ya wonder huh?!

!st dance recital!!

Maegan and her "monkey smile"
Makayla wasn't in the mood for pictures. She only had a 30 min nap all day and fell asleep during the recital.

Wayland and "cousin" as she calls him

Maegan and good 'ole Poppy

The Tredaway's and Maegan

Maegan dancing to R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Joel and Freda arranged with a friend's dad for Maegan to go for a ride on a John Deere GREEN tractor. When we drove up both her and Makayla were so excited with all of the tractors. He had a lot of them.
Maegan doesn't know a stranger! She asked Andy if she could touch one of the tractors and he said How bout I take you for a ride and off she was!

Makayla likes ALL the same things Maegan does. She was equally excited.

Off they went.
The smile on her face was priceless and I will never forget it!

Today was the first nice day in a LONG time!

Here they come back.

Future farmer I think!

She loves taking pictures. All decked out for her John Deere party with her t-shirt, boots, socks and bow!

I had no idea the wheels were so big!

Checking out the cotton stripper.

Some of the cotton that fell off the stripper. Maegan was picking it up feeling it. She picked up something and says," oh, wow look at this!! What is this?" "That's rabbit poop Maegan drop it!!" Love GERM X!!

Posing again.

Maegan wanted to see the horse and steer, but the steer wasn't very friendly so we kept our distance.

I LOVE THIS SMILE Makayla does! Cracks me up!

She's coming out of her shell a little at a time.

My fav of all of the pics!

She has to climb on everything! She's a little monkey.

Makayla did not want to share the driver's seat.

Makayla has to keep her eye on Wayland. He likes to aggravate her.

Poppy and Nanny

Onto the Jumping Party!

She used to be so scared of the slide. Not anymore.

Blowing out her 4 candles! Can't believe it!

Whew! Time to go home!

You know she had a GREAT day when she passes cold out at 7:00pm.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Time!

Mid Feb-Mar is a BUSY time in our family with birthdays! We went out to eat for Joel and his sister's birthday. There b-days fall on feb.25 and feb.26. two years difference.We give his parents are hard time about that! Freda is doing well in the sense that her scans from early December show no new areas and her blood levels are not dropping so the oncologist believe this is a sign that the chemo has "washed" the cancer out of her bone marrow. She is still on intensive oral chemo that makes her feel crummy. Then there is the pain of the bone cancer itself. She pretty much stays in pain, but NEVER complains about it. She has even started going back to work on the days she feels well enough to do some light duty things. Her oncologist is confident that with time and treatment, she will be able to return to patrol eventually.

A very rare moment caught on camera!! Makayla socializing with others! Makayla has her very few select people she likes and that's it. She has gotten better lately.

Makayla finally wants to play in the snow now that all has almost melted! Her silly smile! Love her!

Averi helping Maegan make a snow angel.

Daddy trying to get Makayla to get down into the snow. She wasn't having it!

Averi and Maegan building a snowman. This winter has brought us more snow than I've ever remember seeing! It was a nice change!

Maegan and her cousin Mallory before going to the Cinderella ballet! They were too cute in their tu-tus!